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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Nov 19, 2011 10:50am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Best live album ever?

Muleskinner_album_cover.jpgClarence White, June 7, 1944 – July 15, 1973, was a guitar player for Nashville West, The Byrds, Muleskinner, and the Kentucky Colonels. This Muleskinner album (not live) came out in 1973. The band ended under tragic circumstances, just a couple of months after the album was released. Clarence White was killed after being struck by a drunk driver on July 15, 1973. The accident occurred shortly after 2 a.m., while he and his brother Roland were loading equipment into their car following a spur-of-the moment reunion gig of the Kentucky Colonels bluegrass band. Especially shaken by his death was Gram Parsons, who would lead a singalong of "Farther Along" at the funeral service and conceive his final song before his own death, "In My Hour of Darkness", as a partial tribute to White.

Many of the most influential acoustic guitar flat-pickers of the 20th century cite Clarence White as a primary influence, including Dan Crary, Norman Blake, and Tony Rice. But Clarence White also crossed boundaries with his electric guitar playing, most notably, with The Byrds. You can Google dates, bands, associations, Old and In The Way, Muleskinner band, and search YouTube for clips. I've collected the Muleskinner band links that are below.

But I couldn't find Clarance White playing his Telecaster the way he does on the Muleskinner album's cover track, Muleskinner Blues. So I covered that link with the mp3 track -- make sure to listen! Did Clarence White ever play with Jerry? Dawg, Richard Greene, and Peter Rowan played with Clarence, and they played with Jerry Garcia.

Muleskinner Blues mp3 - 3:16, Clarence plays Telecaster like nobody's business!
Muleskinner Blues song background - Wikipedia
Muleskinner Band background - Wikipedia
• My pick to be added to the best live album list is this Muleskinner live YouTube clip
February 13, 1973 - KCET TV studios in Hollywood
Videotaped before a live audience - 25:58 running time
1. New Camptown Races @ 0:18
2. Dark Hollow @ 2:14
3. Land Of The Navajo @ 5:10
4. Blackberry Blossom @ 10:56
5. Knockin' On Your Door @ 13:33
6. Opus 57 In G Minor @ 16:46
7. Red Rocking Chair @ 18:54
8. The Dead March @ 22:21
9. Orange Blossom Special @ 25:05 (Cut)

L-R: Bill Keith, Clarence White, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, Richard Greene.
Hidden behind Richard. Greene: Stuart Schulman.

Are they stoned for this? Listen to Dark Hollow, track 2. They pull a Bob / Jerry / Donna vocal whoops-moment, and somebody blows a word in the lyrics at 3:28. Then at 3:37, watch for one guy biting his lip and holding back a shit-eatin' grin (Peter Rowan), and another guy smirking for a moment (Clarence White).

Bluegrass music has always been famous for its strong vocals and tight harmonies. KCET's videotape of the Muleskinner band captures some very famous youthful Hippies in their moment. These are players who were incredibly talented. They were caught up inside the conservative Bluegrass music culture at this time, circa Old and In The Way. They were pioneers of Newgrass music. Newgrass musicians were counter-culture to Bluegrass purists, and they were frequently bashed for breaking new boundaries. Ask Sam Bush and the Newgrass Revival. Nowadays Bluegrass music and Newgrass music are lumped into the genre, Progressive Bluegrass. Monte's Taper Handbook covers these genres.
interview with Clarence White - 3:05. Clarence White mentions his new solo album from back then, with Ry Cooder and fiddle-player Byron Berline.
• from Byrd Parts is this track. Here's a YouTube clip with the recording of Clarence White and Ry Cooder playing Why You Been Gone So Long?

• I just created a New Movie item for The Archive, and nominated Ry Cooder's No Banker Left Behind for Occupy Wall Street's theme song!

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Poster: Reade Date: Aug 30, 2014 10:07am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Best live album ever?

Great question posed here that far as I can tell didn't get answered: Did Jerry and Clarence White ever play together?
They both were in a band with Grisman and Rowan and Greene, but not the same band,.... so......?